Recent Jobs

I've had a few jobs in my life, early on working for movie theatres, fast-food restaurants and retail stores. These are the ones that actually count and made my career what it is today.

Senior Developer 2005-Present

Kellett Communications Inc Yellowknife, NT (currently remote)

I started out as a "Web/Interactive Developer" in 2005 and worked up to the senior developer level over the past 15+ years that I've been working for the company. In my current role I have the following responsibilities:

  • Full-stack web development (front and back-end coding)
  • Solutions architect - taking real-world human problems, figuring out digital, web-based solutions that can solve those problems, and determining which tools (frameworks, coding languages, modules etc) can and should be used to implement those solutions
  • Technical project planning
  • Developing and maintaining technical processes and best practices for the development team, such as:
    • Code management and deployment processes
    • Coding standards and best practices
    • Code review processes
    • Deployment processes for staging and production servers
  • Internal QA review, both of the front end solution and code review
  • Collaborating with other developers to come up with standardized technical solutions for common problems
  • Web server (linux) management
  • Client website and email technical support

The primary tools, languages and frameworks I work with regularly in this role include:

  • PHP 7 and 8
  • Drupal 9 (Symfony based)
  • Laravel (Symfony based)
  • Drupal 7
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Boostrap
  • Vue JS

Internet Operations Manager 2002-2005

Weaver & Devore Trading Ltd. Yellowknife, NT

Started in retail sales in the clothing department, begged them to let me build them a website. Did that, made it a successful online store selling Canada Goose Parkas to Europeans, and moved into a position of managing, operating and maintaining their online store. Responsibilities included:

  • Building, updating and maintaining online web store (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS)
  • Handling, processing and shipping online orders
  • Providing online customer service

Even once I was in that position, though, I still helped with the retail clothing sales, and at the busy times helped out unloading the trucks and filling food orders for the exploration camps and such.

I have recently heard from the person helping Weaver & Devore with their social media and Google AdWords that their online store has become so successful they are doing tens of thousands in online sales every month now.